ROCH’S Image Analysis & Live Measurements Software-Model Live Roch

Specifications :

The software provides real-time full-Screen Display. It also does real-time (Live) live measurements due to which a large number of samples can be handled.

The new capture wizard developed under the technical guidance of lead tool, USA support Microsoft formats available for cameras and frame Grabber, Most of the input devices with USB 1, USB 2, IEEE TWAIN can be easily used.

The on-Line measurements & calculation available are length, width, perimeter, three-point radius, Angle between two lines. Three-point Angle, Length of a chord, and Distance between circle and point, curved area, area by polygon, Area by a circle, area by a rectangle, Distance between centers of two circles, Distance between two parallel lines etc.

The various other measurements & calculations available on captured images are, Ferrite length Min/ Max Radius, Thread width, Shape, Orientation, Elongation, Equal circular Diameter, Equal, Sphere Volume Box Area, centroid X & Y, Major & Minor X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Centroid X & Y, Major & Miner X1, X2, Y1, Y2.