Binocular And Trinocular Biological Microscope

Binocular Trinocular Biological Microscope

Binocular Trinocular Biological Microscope are effectively used in industries, quality control, pharma, textile, gem, automobile, engineering, universities, colleges and research Institutes.

BODY Construction

a) Reverse angle quadruple nosepiece revolves on ball bearing.
b) Mechanical stage size 125mm X 135mm having low positioned co-axial controls on ball bearing.
c) Built-in-base illumination system with 6V-20W halogen bulb and power supply.
d) Cross movement 55mm X 75mm.


Siedentopf observation head inclined at 30° rotatable at 360°.
Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube.
Interpupillary distance from 55mm to 75mm.

Binocular Trinocular Biological Microscope: EYEPIECE
EWF 10X FOV 18mm

E-Plan Achromatic 4X
E-Plan Achromatic 10X
E-Plan Achromatic 40X(S L)
E-Plan Achromatic 100X Oil(S L)

Abbe Condenser N.A.1.25 swing out filter holder, Iris Diaphragm.

6V/20W Halogen Tungsten Bulb, Blue & Grey filters, STYRO FOAM Molded Pack.

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